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Optimum protection and consistent performance for your engine.

Lubricating oil, fuel, air – filtration is vital to your engine´s overall performance and reliability. Genuine DEUTZ filters provide the highest quality, best filtration performance and long service life. For your engine, this means optimum protection, consistent engine performance and low fuel consumption.

DEUTZ Air filters

Combustion engines need clean air for optimum performance: Genuine DEUTZ air filters provide reliable filtration of combustion air, preventing dust from entering and causing increased wear inside the engine. 

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DEUTZ Oil filters

Clean engine oil is essential for preserving the performance and reliability of your engine. DEUTZ Genuine Oil filters provide reliable filtration and protect the engine from wearing and damage caused by dust, soot and other particles. 

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DEUTZ Fuel filters

Modern injection systems require the highest fuel quality: Poorly filtered fuel can compromise an engine´s performance, fuel consumption and shorten an engine’s life cycle. Genuine DEUTZ fuel filters provide highly efficient separation of harmful particles and water. 

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