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DEUTZ Oil Check

The DEUTZ Oil Check is the fitness test for your diesel engine: The analysis of lube oil reliably provides early indications of increased wear and impending equipment failures – long before they can become a problem. Regular lube oil analysis with the DEUTZ Oil Check allows you to avoid costly consequential damage and increase the availability of your machines!

Sampling and submission procedure

Your engine diagnosis in six easy steps:

  1. Order the DEUTZ Oil Check Kit p/n 0109 1254 – available at your local  DEUTZ partner
  2. Bring engine to operating temperature
  3. Fill 100 ml of lubricating oil into the sample jar via the dipstick opening or oil drain valve
  4. Seal the sample jar and attach the enclosed QR Code
  5. Fill in the enclosed sample form. The more information you provide, the more reference values ​​can be used in the lab for analysis.
  6. Send the lubricating oil sample in the enclosed envelope to:

DEUTZ Laboratories        
UL. Rubiez 46 H/128                                           
Poznan, Poland                                                   


Dörrenhaus GmbH
z.Hdn. Frau Kröll
Auf der Kaiserbitz 3
D-51147 Köln

Sample form


Under Distributor / Sales Rep, please name your DEUTZ dealer

Under Company Name and the following fields, please enter your company data and the e-mail address of the person who should receive the analysis report.

Engine. Serial # is your engine number. Below please specify the manufacturer of the engine

Fluid Time refers to the running time of the lubricating oil after the last change of lubricating oil.

Component Time is the total running time of your engine.

Manufacturer is the device manufacturer of your machine.

Model is the model type of your machine.

Product Mfr. refers to the lubricating oil manufacturer


Analysis results

The analysis results will be sent to the e-mail address given on the sample slip. All your analytics reports are archived on and made available to you online.

The DEUTZ Oil Check provides you with a detailed picture of your engine´s condition, as well as concrete recommendations for action. The analyzed wear elements can be seen on the example report:

The most important wear indicators at a glance

Wear elements

The elements examined by the oil check provide information on the wear of various engine components. An increased concentration of iron, for example, indicates wear of the cylinder liners, valve trains, cylinder blocks or the oil pump. Copper elements can originate from the conrod or main bearing, the bushes or the thrust bearing.


The combustion of diesel fuel produces soot, which is inevitably finds its way into the oil. An increased soot concentration can be the result of a technical problem, such as a malfunction the injection system or the turbocharger.


Increased water contamination can be caused by internal leakage of the cylinder head gasket.


Fuel contamination can be caused by wear in the injection system or incomplete combustion. The fuel content in the lubricating oil leads to a decrease in oil viscosity.

Base number

The basic components contained in the lubricating oil serve to neutralize acids formed during combustion. The alkaline reserve of a motor oil is expressed by the base number (TBN = Total Base Number). If this parameter falls below a critical value, immediate replacement of the lubricating oil is recommended.