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DEUTZ Emission Management

Efficient and flexible.

In order to best meet the increasing emission regluations regarding the after treatment of exhaust gases, DEUTZ provides maximum efficiency and flexibility. An engine´s exhaust after treatment strategy and components can be individually customized depending on the machine's application and the engine´s power rating each machine its own profile. By optimizing temperature management, injection and charge air cooling strategy, DEUTZ is able to achieve consistent engine performance and low fuel consumption – which means increased productivity for our customers.

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EAT Technology

Compact and flexible – the modular EAT system.

The current emission regulations place high demands on diesel engines in terms of technology and installation space. Our compact and modular EAT design allows for a perfect integration into our customers equipments. 

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Emission Downgrade

Safe and cost-effective engine modification.

Do you need to modify your engine for use in a secondary market with lower fuel quality? We offer cost-effective emission downgrade kits that are tailored to your individual engine. 

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DPF Cleaning

Professional cleaning solutions for optimum performance.

The proper maintenance of your engine´s Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) is critical to your vehicles performance, fuel economy and overall lifetime!  Our DPF product program now offers you a range of options to suit your needs.

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