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DEUTZ® PowerBlue

DEUTZ PowerBlue is an optimized alternative to the standard AdBlue® / AUS / DEF urea solution. DEUTZ PowerBlue is based on a urea solution according to ISO 22241 resp. DIN 70070 and improves the spraying behaviour of the urea solution into the exhaust gas stream through use of a special additive.

Benefits of the original

  • Increases engine up-time and ensures maximum performance by reducing unplanned stand-still-time
  • Reduces maintenance and operating costs by reduced fuel consumption


  • Applications at low ambient temperatures
  • Applications with low loads
  • Applications with frequent engine start-stops


  • DEUTZ PowerBlue can be filled into the AdBlue® / DEF-Tank just like the regular AdBlue® / AUS 32 / DEF solution, and can also be mixed with it.

Download technical circular NOx reducing agent for SCR exhaust gas treatment