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Keep Clean.

Our fuel additive DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro® has been developed for modern diesel engines with their high demands on diesel fuel. DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro® is a dual-action, 2-in-1 additive:

„Keep Clean“ fuel stabilizer

  • Increases shelf life of diesel fuel and prevents deposits
  • Prevents filters from becoming contaminated and clogged 
  • Guarantees a safe engine start after longer shutdowns 

„Clean-Up“ cleaning action

  • Dissolves deposits in the injection components
  • Prevents black smoke caused by fuel deposits, reduced engine performance and increased fuel consumption 
  • Recommended especially for high pressure injection systems

Increase the availability of your machine and save costs through the regular use of DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro®!

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Download technical bulletin DEUTZ diesel additive „DEUTZ Clean-Diesel InSyPro®